Bottling lines

Water bottling equipment

The use of purified drinking water has become a norm in many developed countries. Clean tap water does not meet the basic hygienic requirements, which was the start of a new market segment. Drinking purified water in large containers of 19 liters is separate direction, requiring bottling equipment.

“TechMashExport” offers complete filling lines and single equipment. Filling machines for gallon water are completely automated and sterile, because almost no contact with the person from the beginning to the end of the process.

Water bottling process gallons of 19 liters

Machine for filling 19 liters includes a phased production, consisting of individual machines bottling, where the following processes occur in isolation: rinsing and cleaning containers, filling water, capping of containers, labeling.

If the equipment has a monoblock, the two operations (filling and capping) are carried out in such a machine. But if the equipment has a threeblock, the three processes occur: rinsing, filling and capping.

Thus, the equipment includes:

  • Rinsing machines and container washing equipment for rinsing, drying apparatus 19 liter containers to ensure all stages of sterilization.
  • Monoblock for water bottling and corking.
  • Labeling equipment for labeling.

We offer water filling equipment in bottle 19 liters and 5 liters with an output of up to 60 bottles per hour, and water bottling line 19 liters for large companies, with a maximum capacity of 220 bottles per hour. The equipment is suitable not only for bottling the purified, but also a carbonated water. As the use of secondary packaging reduces the cost of production, consider the process of cleaning.

Bottling of bottled water with a production capacity of 60 bottles per hour

Machine for filling 19 liters consists of a rinsing machine, equipment cleaning containers and capping machine.

Machine wash bottles includes the following steps in semiautomatic mode:

  • supplying a washing solution;
  • regulation of the duration of the washing;
  • the use of funds for sterilization;
  • stage hot wash (50 seconds);
  • the use of exhaust tube;
  • control heating of water in a washing machine.

Bottling of bottled water with a production capacity of 220 bottles per hour

It includes equipment for bottling drinking water 19 liters and more expensive washing and hygienic packaging processing technologies:

  • nozzles for washing bottles
  • system of feeding means for disinfection and sterilization
  • timers for rinsing and filling
  • exhaust probe for ventilation
  • water heating unit
  • equipment for maintaining the temperature

The processes of washing, rinsing and capping bottles automated. Supply of empty containers in the car and delivery the bottles takes place in manual mode only. Compared with foreign manufacturers, we have a reasonable price. The cost of bottling equipment 19 liters and other information you can check with our managers. Please, use the contact details and order everything you need for production.