Wine bottling line

Wine bottling line

All the premium beverages are bottled into a glass bottles and not in PET. Glass packaging is more expensive, because it’s much better preserves the flavor and quality of the produced beverage is more convenient for the consumer.

The main component of success – it’s easy to use.

Bottling equipment should be automated as much as possible, wear-resistant, cost-effective from the perspective of energy consumption, etc. Such technology offers “TechMashExport” – filling machine manufacturer. The customer can buy a bottling line or individual components.

Taking into account the needs of the client, bottling equipment are supplemented with additional modules. Depending on the filling line equipment, the plant can produce several times more products.

The process of bottling carbonated soft drinks and mineral water

Consider the equipment with capacity up to 6000 bottles per hour. The process of filling sweet drinks consists of the following steps:

Preparation of a syrup

Preparation of water extract with ingredients in a certain ratio.


Rinsing or washing containers. To rinse the primary containers inside and outside use rinse AKB bottles. If used secondary packaging, the equipment for the bottling of water in the bottle is equipped with a machine for washing bottles.


Pouring sweet or sparkling mineral water in the machine.

Orientation and capping

Orientator is the desired device to orient the plug in the sealing zone.

Control system

The system of visual inspection of bottles is a part of the equipment for the bottling of water or other beverages. It controls:

  • the contents of the containers;
  • the integrity of the bottles;
  • capping quality


“TechMashExport” is manufacturer of bottling equipment and additional features, such as labeling machines to print labels with the logo and information about the manufacturer. Then the labels pasted on filled and sealed containers. This type of labeling is necessary for mass production. Smaller companies can purchase manual and automatic applicators labels.

Packing products in shrink film

Finished products are sorted and packed in polyethylene with hot air. After cooling the film is completely cover blocks of bottles. Then products are sent for temporary storage. When ordering equipment for the bottling you can see price online. Also, you can see information about the machines for bottling water, kvass, beer, milk and other liquids. Our bottling equipment very affordable compared to the cost of similar equipment at competitors.