Our company is a manufacturer of filling equipment. We manufacture any food industry equipment necessary for the production of beverage bottling dairy products, vegetable oil, alcohol and chemical liquids. We produce more than 12 years and offer specific technological machines and complete integrated bottling line. Production of filling equipment basis of individual customer orders. Components of the bottling equipment depends on the planned volume of production, product and type of packaging used.

For example, water bottling line can vary their bundle: sweet drinks or just mineral water, bottling in PET or glass bottles? Is the new production focused on the local market or pretend to be a significant volume of sales? All things are taken into account when choosing the optimal configuration and preparation of commercial proposals.

Lemonade filling equipment suggests in its configuration is the mixer carbonator. If it will be spill in PET bottles, filling line should have blowing equipment. But if the lemonade is poured into a glass, it’s necessary to be defined with a washing machine. If it’s planned to use the secondary packaging, the line should have machine wash bottles.

Each line, the price of which depends on the functionality, performance and type of product, we have completed individually.

We manufacture and service reliable food industry equipment for business, and offer to buy:

  • filling lines and machines bottling;
  • oil bottling equipment;
  • filling machines for liquids;
  • machines for household chemicals;
  • filling equipment for beer;
  • bottling equipment for milk;
  • filling machines for vodka;
  • filling machines bottling for wine.

A great advantage of our lines is a universal component of the filling machines – the possibility quickly and without any material investments to readjust the line under a different type of product. Replacing the functional modules, you get a new line for bottling the product in a short time.

If you decide to buy a complete line and looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of filling equipment, we will be happy to help you with the food industry equipment and start production.