Filling lines for carbonated water

Filling lines for carbonated water

“TechMashExport” engaged in PET bottling equipment, its complete manufacturing and realization of not only the domestic market but also exported abroad. The equipment is fully automated and minimize the “human factor” in production.

Automatic filling machine gives manufacturers a lot of advantages:

  1. Cost savings for the purchase of equipment by the adequate prices from Ukrainian manufacturer.
  2. Personnel costs are absent (payment of salaries to employees, the purchase of protective clothing and equipment for specialists).
  3. Moderate electricity consumption.

Automatic filling machines are characterized by high wear resistance, high productivity and by ability to control the pace of execution depending on the needs.
Beverage industry, where machines are used for dispensing, includes several steps:

  • Blowing of PET.
  • Delivery of empty containers in a monoblock.
  • Rinse pet bottles.
  • bottles washing by the carbon dioxide and oxygen removal.
  • Mixing water with carbon dioxide and the syrup using a mixer or the carbonator.
  • Filling of beverage container.
  • Capping.
  • Filling Control.
  • Labeling bottle with labels with information.
  • Packaging of finished product shrink film.

PET bottle filler includes:

  • machine for blowing of bottles;
  • machine for rinsing;
  • UV-screen;
  • automat for bottling;
  • capping machine;
  • labeling machine;
  • packing machine for packing bottles in shrink-wrap.

If you are using primary raw materials, you must have installed rinsing equipment. If you are using secondary raw materials, the equipment is supplemented with machines for cleaning PET.

During the blowing of bottles, you must keep in mind that the wall thickness is not uniform, so containers must withstand high pressure at the thinnest part.

Beverages bottled to a certain level. Then capping machine seals the bottle screw cap, glued label on the bottle and send it to the warehouse.

We offer equipment of various capacities, calculated on the following productivity:
1 – 6 000 bottles/h;

from 6000 bottles/h.

Filling machines are equipped with the most modern control system with microprocessor Siemens (Germany).

You can buy high-quality equipment for bottling in PET, taking into account the type of produced product and the individual needs of the customer. For each individual production offered an optimal set of necessary equipment for the bottling, taking into account the specifics of your business.