Bottling lines

Bottling lines

Integrated semi-automatic and automatic filling lines at factory price

Each enterprise specializing in bottling water, drinks and liquids, must necessarily comply with hygiene regulations to ensure the purity of water or other beverages, as well as the safety of the health of its consumers. “TechMashExport” company offers filling equipment represented in the catalog, to buy at affordable price.

Tara for bottling water, beverages and liquids, regardless of whether is the glass or PET, must be sterile and it’s important that all technological stages (blowing, washing, filling, capping, labeling and packaging) is not in contact with the people, otherwise the bottle gets dust, debris and harmful bacteria. All stages of production are required to be automated – it is a significant savings of labor, time, and the safety of the product. “TechMashExport” is always ready to help with the acquisition of high-quality filling line! The cost of the bottling line varies depending on the configuration, however, our prices for all products are loyal.

We manufacture semi-automatic and automatic filling lines. The choice depends on the needs of enterprise, the desired amount of product etc. Bottling line cost is calculated individually, since each produces equipment for the bottling has its own characteristics and features.

“TechMashExport” presents different filling lines:

Complete bottling lines in PET bottle for beer, milk, mineral water, wine, vodka and other beverages and liquids at affordable price.

Automatic filling lines in PET 19 liters and 5 liters with the following functions: blowing, washing, capping, labeling and packaging of PET bottles with shrink film. This machine is a triblock, who carefully handles the internal surface of the bottles.

Semi-automatic filling line 19 liters PET bottles include the following equipment for bottling:

  • semi-automatic PET bottles blowing;
  • rinsing machine;
  • bottling equipment;
  • sealing machine;
  • visual inspection equipment;
  • semi-automatic label applicator;
  • packing equipment.

These filling machines have lower efficiency – up to 60 bottles per hour. However, the cost of such a line is much lower. Optionally, you can buy food processing equipment in addition to the automatic dispenser of silver ions and other substances, which considerably increases the shelf life of beverages.

All filling lines are made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials, which is confirmed by numerous certificates of quality and conclusions of sanitary authorities of Ukraine.

Materials are delivered by leading Brazilian, German and Italian companies, known worldwide by reliable products intended for food processing equipment. Materials are supplied by leading Brazilian, German and Italian companies known worldwide as a reliable supplier of equipment for the food industry.

Experts of “TechMashExport” are always glad to help clients and their staff to become familiar with the new equipment for bottling. Experienced staff will talk in detail about the intricacies of each bottling line and will answer your questions, so that you can quickly buy food processing equipment for the enterprise. Each machine filling, implemented by “TechMashExport”, it’s a simple device, uncomplicated design, so there is no need to spend a lot of time to get acquainted with the machine or to hire qualified professionals, whose services cost a lot of money.

“TechMashExport” offers a wide range of services, including initial commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service and replacement parts. Therefore, buy food processing equipment in our company is not only convenient, but also profitable. The cost of the bottling line will surprise and sure to please. The cost of the bottling line will delight you!