Machines for bottling: a guarantee of quality, flexibility, reasonable price

Bottling of beverages in glass and PET bottle is the basis of modern production. An example of this are the dozens of companies producing mineral and sweet water, milk, wine, beer, kvass. Manufacturing is located in cities with a million people and in small towns.

If your small town has a population of no more than 20 thousand inhabitants does not yet have the plant, which produces drinks, we recommend that you take this niche faster. “TechMashExport” will help you with this, providing design, development and manufacture of high-tech equipment at reasonable prices.

Filling line includes such steps as:

  • washing;
  • rinsing;
  • drying;
  • filling;
  • capping;
  • labeling;

All steps must take place in complete sterility without human intervention. Otherwise, in a container with a drink can get dirt, dust, pathogens. Any machine for bottling works at the same pace as other automated equipment. Thus, the bottling line forms a single mechanism that can work around the clock, maintaining maximum loads without overheating and halting.

By automating the manufacturer saves time and minimizes production losses. Automatic bottling machine according precludes production failure due to human factors.

Bottling process

The first step is a rinsing. Then bottles get in the machine for beverage dispensing, and fill with water, vodka, beer, wine and milk, depending on the volume and level.  Then bottles sent to the labeler for labeling and marking. The final step – packaging and packaging materials for future transportation.

If necessary, filling machine can be equipped with automat for saturation of carbon dioxide. In particular, for release of mineral, sweet water and beer. If the line working with the secondary packaging, it can be supplemented with machine for washing bottles.

What kind of bottling lines we sell?

You can buy from us bottling line of mineral and sweet water, wine, vodka, beer, milk, kvass, juice. Beverages are bottled in the container with volume from 0.25 to 2 liters. For filling of bottled water in PET bottles of 5 and 19 liters we have a special semi-automatic liquid filling machines. All the components we produce ourselves. Reliable assembly and production ensures high production capacity from 3 to 10 units per hour.

What kind of machine for bottling we sell?

As a manufacturer, you can buy the following machines:

  • machine for blowing PET;
  • machine for rinsing;
  • machine for drying bottles;
  • machine for bottling water;
  • capping machine;
  • equipment for visual control;
  • machine for labeling and marking;
  • machine for packaging in plastic wrap.

If necessary, we can install equipment for washing bottles, saturators and other components.
Monoblock – a complex that combines the processes of filling and capping.
Triblock – equipment that combines rinsing, filling and capping.

In addition to the sale of equipment, we also offer the following services:

  • advice on the operation of the equipment;
  • initial commissioning;
  • warranty and post warranty service;
  • sale of spare parts.

“TechMashExport” has long been working in the field of equipment for the bottling and have regular customers in the European Union.

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