Bottle washing machine

“TechMashExport” offers only high-quality equipment at a lower price than most manufacturers of similar equipment in Italy, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

You will need a bottle washing machine for the production of wine, milk, beer and other food products in glass bottles. All primary or secondary glass containers must be absolutely sterile. The high level of sterility can provide only bottle washing machines BM-07 and BM-05.

The use of secondary packaging means the use of special machines for the cleaning and disinfection of containers. Machine for rinsing used for the treatment containers by hot steam and for its drying. Bottle washing machine is fully automated, so the operator need only monitor the status of the machine, selecting the desired program and speed. The rest of the work a machine will do itself. The minimum capacity of the machine 1000 bottles/hour. Maximum capacity – 6000 bottles/hour. This is enough for the European plant.

What kind of equipment we offer the customer?

Types of equipment:

  • bottle washing machine with volume 0.33 and 0.5 liters;
  • washing machine for the container with volume of 0.5; 0.7; 1 l.

These machines can rinse the secondary packaging of various volume, size and shape. First, the machine washes the bottles with a special cleanser, then begins the process of rinsing the container and its drying. A special system simultaneously provides washing and rinsing bottles inside and outside.

We offer advantageous cooperation

The acquisition of our equipment will allow you to solve several problems at once. You do not need more skilled labor. Instead of 10-15 people only need one operator. The price is much lower than that of many of our European competitors producing similar equipment. We deliver equipment in Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and other European countries. If you are not satisfied with the power of automated equipment, we will develop an individual project.

Additional services

Consultations on the operation of the equipment. Specialists provide initial commissioning. We provide warranty and post warranty service. If necessary, we supply spare parts for Bottle washing machines and bottling machines. For start-up companies, we can offer an used equipment.

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