Machine for blowing PET helps to save on production of about 20%

An Ideal production of any product begins with the release of containers, products, and its sales. PET – an environmentally friendly material that does not change its properties at high and low temperatures or at humidity fluctuations. The material is so durable, that it is not damaged by high mechanical loads and will stand by high pressure.

Get bottles from the other manufacturers will be expensive. Therefore, a good way to save – is to produce mineral water or beer in our own factory, using a machine for blowing.

“TechMashExport” manufactures machines for blowing PET for producing sweet and mineral water, beer, juice and milk. You can also think about the production of packaging for other companies. This is a nice extra income. And even if your competitors had purchased a similar machine for blowing, you will save your money on your own production. Experts have found that machines for blowing pay for themselves within 5-6 months.

Similar equipment at manufacturers from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic are more expensive than what we offer. We offer our services to new companies that started production of mineral water, beer, juice or milk in the regional market.

Quality equipment at factory price

Machine for blowing PET from “TechMashExport” successfully implemented in the Ukrainian market for a long time. We also sell equipment to European markets, including Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy. We have international regular customers, which appreciate the advantages of our cooperation.

Machines for blowing PET

Blowing machines for sale are tested and certified before being sold, so we go to the international market with their equipment, occupying a strong position. If you are interested in blowing machines for sale, please contact us through the “Contact Us” section.

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