Machines for filling and sealing machine

Machines for filling and sealing machine

Packing-corking machines

One of the main activities of the company “TechMashExport” is production of capping equipment. Our packing-corking machines quickly and accurately supply bottles after bottling and securely sealed their stoppers (lids).

All equipment is easily customizable to the needs of a particular company. Our experts go to the location of packing equipment and define the necessary parameters in performance, type and volume of the container, and so on.

We offer a wide range of capping equipment, among which you will certainly pick up the best option for your company. We have machines for capping alcoholic and soft drinks, oil, vinegar, milk. The equipment works reliably with the screw cap, сotton cork, plastic cork, Kronen-twist type Twist-off caps and others.

Each model has different capping equipment specifications and advantages. If you find it difficult to make a choice, our experts will assist you in this matter. Initially, we will find out the needs and characteristics of your company. We offer you packing-corking machines, that can meet your business needs. You will be able to make the right decision and purchase capping machines with the required features.

You can be confident in the quality and reliability of our machines. They work like clockwork over the years. In case of deterioration of some parts we will give you masters, who will quickly install new parts.

We give a guarantee on all our products. Each packing machine has a quality certificate. Materials of all elements of capping equipment allowed the state sanitary-epidemiological authorities. We import a lot of the materials from Europe. Part of the equipment is made of Italian high quality stainless steel.