Carbonation machines indispensable in the company, which produces carbonated drinks. They saturate water by carbon dioxide and add syrup it if necessary.

Company “TechMashExport” offers to buy various carbonation machines at affordable price. Each carbonated drink maker has certain characteristics that you can check with the experts of “TechMashExport”. Qualified counselors will help you choose the best option price and functionality.

We provide Co2 carbonators, which have low power consumption and high performance.

Carbonators for carbonating water: advantages

We offer you to buy a Co2 carbonator, as it has many advantages, such as:

The body of the unit – patented.

2.High-quality components
The design of the machine – the result of years of work. We use components from trusted manufacturers.

3.There is no need to cool the water. You just buy refrigeration equipment and don’t worry about service!
Carbonation machine – the only equipment in the world, capable of saturating the water with carbon dioxide at a temperature of 20 degrees to the desired concentration of Co2 – 5-6 g/liter. These machines are significantly save energy, so you’ll get payback within 18 months.

4.Stable and unique taste of the drink
Excellent taste of beverage provides fine bubbles which appear by dissolving carbon dioxide at the molecular level.

5.Low operating costs and high reliability
“TechMashExport” offers not only buy carbonation machines, but also provides a guarantee for long service life and provides after-sales service.