Packing machine

Packing machine

Packaging machines

Packaging machinery is one of the main components for the production of drinking water and beverages. Such machines are needed not only for the packaging bottles or cans. Polyethylene protects the product from direct sunlight, rain and dust, and allows you to keep a presentable appearance of products for sale. And special equipment allows you to pack products for the transport and storage in wholesale warehouses and retail stores.

Packaging equipment necessary to automate the process of packaging made of glass and plastic bottles. This makes it possible to transport goods in large volumes with minimal risk of mechanical damage, and the manufacturer can pack the goods in a single-layer or multilayer pack.
Another advantage of plastic packaging – a low cost.

Packaging machines are used with materials such as:

  • shrink polyethylene;
  • air-bubble wrap;
  • stretch foils;
  • packing tape;

Automating the work with glass, with plastic bottles and cans will speed up the production process. Company “TechMashExport” drew your attention to the packing machine series UPAK-700, that will help to establish uninterrupted production and packaging of products for the purpose of its further transportation and sales. Modern machines can speed up the manufacturing process of packages 700 for 1 hour.

Stages of packing

  1. First, bottles of the same size and shape are grouping together.
  2. Packaging machine puts them on special pallets for the packaging shrink tape.
  3. Further there is the packaging by heat.
  4. The final step is the cooling of the film, after what the material is compressed as much as possible and it fits snugly bottle.

The wrap is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit toxic substances, so is widely used in the food industry. Our equipment you can buy online or calling the above number. The warranty period for packaging machines is given up to 12 months. Machines can operate in a high pace and withstand heavy loads.
Our registered office is located in the Melitopol, but you can buy packing equipment from anywhere in the Ukraine and even from neighboring countries. Additionally, the company “TechMashExport” is engaged maintenance and repair of equipment.

However, cases of repair after the warranty period are rare, because the company only sells durable equipment without defective details. You can not only buy our packaging equipment, but also to get technical support and reliable partner for the supply of equipment.
Another bonus: being in any CIS country, you can buy a packaging machine for the price of the manufacturer.