Labelling machines

Labelling machines

High-quality labeling equipment for producer prices from “TechMashExport”

How familiarize consumers with a particular product? First of all, show the label! This small tag carries the basic information about the product, namely about its advantages. That is why the sticker – a powerful advertising tool available to all manufacturers food industry.

To interest and encourage the consumer to buy exactly your product, make sure that your label stands out among the crowd. It is important to think through every detail of content and design stickers.

Furthermore, you have to buy equipment, which will apply stickers to packages of your products. In this situation, “TechMashExport” is pleased to offer our assistance!

We produce high-quality labeling equipment, which accurately and precisely apply stickers on different containers.
Buying one of bottle labeling machines, you can to solve several problems:

  • to put stickers on your own products, and to provide this service to other companies;
  • reduce staff and workers to save on wages and taxes;
  • to accelerate production processes;
  • to improve the quality stickers on your products.

We have a wide range of labeling equipment:
1) Linear complex for applying self-adhesive labels on glass bottles. The unit can handle from 1 thousand. To 15 thousand bottles per hour.
2) Machines for rapid labeling any surface of bottles and other containers.
3) Machines for gluing of self-adhesive labels for each container with the products of the company.
For all matters relating to our machines, please contact our specialists at the numbers listed under “Contact Us”. We will be happy to advise you and cooperate with you!