Control equipment

Control equipment

Quality control equipment

“TechMashExport” offers to buy the quality control equipment at the producer price in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other EU countries.

Manufacturers of equipment for the food industry cannot make mistakes. Their products, its production, storage and transportation must comply with quality and safety standards, so every stage of production in such companies should be carried out under strict control.

Bottles for food beverage should not have cracks or foreign objects inside. Qualitative control equipment will help to control the purity and strength of the bottles. Let’s take a closer look at how they work. Machines for visual inspection of bottles allow the operator to inspect them easily. Finding some sort of defect, the employee selects a defective bottle, pressing the button on the remote control.

Technique “remembers” spoiled container and removes it, placing on separate conveyor for damaged bottles. The remaining bottles are sent to the next operation. This system allows to run non-stop process to eliminate defects and to produce high quality products.

If your business needs quality control equipment, our offer will certainly interest you. We produce two kinds of such equipment:

  • Automatic carousel machines with inverter;
  • Machines for visual inspection of bottles of VK-6-line type.

With this equipment, can be checked from 3 to 6 thousand bottles per hour. You probably will be satisfied with such a good result!

Technical parameters and thus the cost of the above machines differ to some extent. Please contact us to find out details about the device and the price of machines. We will answer your questions and provide professional advice.Together we will pick up the machine of visual control that is best for your company.

Ordering equipment from the company “TechMashExport”, you cannot worry about the delivery, installation and start-up. We will take these concerns, even if your business is located outside of Ukraine. We also offer after-sales service and spare parts manufacturing.

We are confident that our cooperation will be the most productive and mutually beneficial!