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The advantages of our company

1. We offer a high-quality service

You are welcomed by the official representative of the food industry group of companies “TechMashExport” in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other EU countries. The range of our company is all you need for streamlined automation of your company for the production and bottling of beverages!

2. We provide high-quality equipment

The main direction of our work is the production of high-quality equipment for bottling. We also offer our customers a wide range of different products: filling lines, equipment for washing, equipment for PET packaging, packaging machinery, packaging equipment and labeling equipment.

3. We are focused on customer needs

“TechMashExport” is company that uses the latest innovative technologies corresponding to the European standards and requirements. In addition, based on the company independently develop methods and cutting-edge solutions that enable Ukraine to improve food processing equipment and water bottling line and other drinks, bringing it to a new level of reliability, performance and efficiency.

About us

In the production of food and filling equipment company pays special attention to the technical requirements for filling lines. If you need to completely or partially equip your company of various sizes of food processing equipment, “TechMashExport” is the best choice, which is always at your service!

We are profitable partners because:

1. The official representative of the food industry group of companies “TechMashExport” in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other EU provides a high-quality level of professional service. Please, contact us and we will responsibly approach the solution of problems, answering all your questions for free. Our company is ready to take on all the trouble of paperwork at the time of purchase and delivery of the bottling equipment. This is especially true of cooperation with foreign partners. For many years we work closely with companies involved in bottling equipment from Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other EU countries. Our specialists will perform the installation and commissioning of filling machines, carry out training and consultations for the staff.

2. Equipment for blowing, washing, filling lines, labeling, capping and packaging of excellent quality is different. All products provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance, repair works are carried out in a short time, all the food processing equipment provides a complete package of documents sanitary service of Ukraine. Environmental safety, durability and longevity – it’s all about our products!

3. All filling machines are easy to use and eliminates the need to find highly qualified professionals who are not so much. A simple control system allows its own, in the production process, configure the optimal mode of operation.

4. Nested funds will be fully repaid. This is due to the fact that the filling machines, labeling, sealing and packaging machines replace a number of workers, and adjusted automatically perform tasks and consume energy at a minimum. Installing equipment for bottling, you will significantly save on labor and energy costs.

Cooperating with us, you get the filling lines directly from the manufacturer, and hence affordable, not overpriced byintermediaries. Cooperation with us gives you the ability to promptly arrange the necessary documentation and become the owner of high-quality food processing equipment in a short time.

We operate throughout the territory of Germany, Great Britain, Poland, and other countries. We have no territorial restrictions!

Primarily focusing on the needs and wishes of clients, we guarantee an individual approach and building a warm and secure relationship. Regular customers in gratitude will getting generous discounts.

To contact us call us by phone number provided in the section “Contacts” or fill in the feedback form. Our staff will contact you. On request we can demonstrate the food processing equipment in operation.

Work with us – the official representative of the group of companies of food and chemical industry “TechMashExport” – is the best choice for the purchase of equipment for filling of food and chemical liquids.